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What is most often viewed on cam sites

If you never visit cam sites, you are missing on a very special type of entertainment. Not only do they attract lovers of smut from all across the world, but their features also go beyond sex tricks and masturbation. In general, what you see depends on the cam model you choose, and the things she is ready to do for her fans. 

How webcam sites work

These are platforms where models with internet-connected cameras connect to their audiences. Since the activity does not involve production expenses typical for movie studios, profit margins for the girls may be impressive, as much as $1000 per day. But how is this money made?

Webcam time with a girl you adore is likely to cost you money in the form of token’s, the site’s internal currency. If you would like the girl to perform a certain act, you have to incentivize her financially. On webcam sites, time is money in the literal sense.


Once you enter a girl’s chat room, you see her in real-time, and chatting can be done via a special window. Here, you may express your desires concerning her show, telling her what you want to see her do. Next, it is up to the model to fulfill or reject your request. Some of the bizarre questions reported by models included “You look so much like my sister, can you pretend to be her?” and “Can you record yourself and your friends pissing on a night out?”

Type of models

On a webcam platform, you may find models of any gender identity and sexuality. There are “cam girls” and “cam boys”, and they try hard to be noticed. Most of them log on from home, but some work for webcam studios. Three most popular sites are Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, and MyFreeCams. Such platforms vary in terms of profit cuts and protection of the models. So, what do models do?


A cam girl is not a porn star by definition. Communication may just be friendly, depending on your and her wishes. Basically, a webcam model entertains viewers by being herself. In addition to chatting, there could be games, dancing or teasing. Naturally, there could be sex acts if this particular model is into them. In general, a model’s goal is to attract and retain paying viewers by making herself likable and fun.


This is where money is made. A viewer may suggest a certain act and pay in tokens. If the girl (or boy) agrees to perform the act, it is done in real time. A good performance will generate regular visitors, which means regular income.

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