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The strangest things people do on cam sites

Webcam sites allow users to interact with models and make the most bizarre suggestions. In private chats, models are willing to fulfill paying viewers’ fantasies, but some of their requests are shocking. Here are the strangest ideas received by live cam girls on both sides of the Atlantic.   

Elysia Downings

Elysia Downings is a British single mom who earns as much as £72,000 a year from camming.  This income comes exclusively from webcam fans, who are willing to pay £3.99 a minute for private time with Elysia. She has even launched her own lingerie brand and sex toy store.

Not all of her fans are crazy about the sexual experience. Some men are just seeking human contact, paying for a so-called “girlfriend experience”. In such cases, the models still put on some racy lingerie but spends time engaged in romantic conversation only. Other gentlemen, however, reveal penchants for all sorts of fetishes, and most of the outlandish ideas are sexual. 

Bizarre requests

Elysia has had private chats with men who were keen on Wet and messy play (WAM). Also known as sploshing, this type of sexual fetishism includes arousal from applying different wet substances to bare human skin. A client once asked her to watch episodes of an old BBC series Noel’s House Party, where people got gunged.

A colleague of Elysia had a fan with vorarephilia, which means an erotic desire to be eaten by another human. That very individual got excited while pretending he was a Jaffa Cake consumed by the model.

More weird stuff 

Cam girls from the other side of the Atlantic share their kinkiest requests. Here are a few quotes that are sure to shock you. 

Ryland Baby: “Weirdest thing I’ve been asked to do is virtually ‘change’ a man’s dirty diaper. I’m still not sure how it would have worked logistically… I’ve also been asked to bottle my cum into a very specific Tupperware. I did fulfill the Tupperware request, took days. The diaper gentleman was willing to offer me the equivalent to $20 for a half-hour Skype… I obviously declined.” 

o0Pepper0o: “I get requests from people to put on clothing, so I have a tip for that in my menu. I have also had people tip me to dump all the liquids in my fridge all over my body, which amusingly resulted in a show I do for special occasions because it was so fun.”

One guy even asked her to get a box of kittens, yell at them and then undress. Fortunately for cam girls, they are not forced to perform any acts they don’t like, but the pursuit of tokens may incentivize them to do so. 

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